Constitution, Militia, Citizen, 2nd Amendment
Constitution, Militia, Citizen, 2nd Amendment
California State Militia, 2nd Infantry Regiment
California State Militia, 2nd Infantry Regiment

Weapons Policy

2nd Infantry Regiment,

California State Militia

Standard Operating Procedures (02/2021)



  1. PURPOSE: Set Standard Operating Procedures for transport and use of firearms, ensure safety of all members, and reduce potential for a negligent discharge of a weapon while training.

To define 2IR, CSM policy regarding weapons of all types in accordance with US and CA State Laws.

  1. SCOPE: Applies to ALL members of 2IR, CSM, active, inactive, or recruit.



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Primary Battle Rifle






    1. Constitutionally Legal US and California State Law must be adhered to in relation to the weapons predominately used by the 2IR, CSM members.
      1. Given the legal and political climate the 2IR, CSM must operate and train in, the following guidance shall remain in effect until rescinded or changed.
        1. Weapon configurations are the responsibility of the member.  2IR, CSM cannot and will not attempt to enforce law regarding a weapons configuration.
        2. Members are responsible to verify their weapons comply with US and State law regarding their primary weapon.
        3. The 2IR, CSM will not instruct members on what configuration their weapon should be.
        4. Proper registration, if required, will be performed prior to bringing any weapon to training.
        5. The only exceptions are weapons which by law require no particular registration. (Knives and others)
      2. Weapons must be transported in accordance with local laws in member’s vehicles and weapons must never be loaded in a vehicle.
      3. Members who wish to delay compliance with new laws are free to do so without judgement or punishment by the 2IR, CSM, provided the following is the reason.
        1. New laws are not fully effective until a later date/time
        2. A court has issued a stay regarding new laws
      4. Any weapon a member owns that is potentially not in compliance with US or CA laws is solely the responsibility of the member and the 2IR, CSM shall claim no responsibility for such weapons.
      5. Members shall NOT physically attack or harass citizens regarding any new legislation.
      6. Members may enter conversations regarding weapon laws and voice their own opinions provided they do not denigrate the image of the 2IR, CSM.
      7. Members must remember that they are representatives of the 2IR, CSM and behave responsibly and respectfully with their weapons in all environments.
    2. All members, regardless of rank or status, MUST be qualified with their PBR and sidearm before being allowed to carry live ammunition during training or at a security post.
      1. All Range Qualified Members can carry unloaded weapons.
      2. Unqualified members are allowed to carry ammunition ONLY during qualification ranges and ONLY under the direction of the RSO
    3. All members that are qualified with their PBR and/or Sidearm may carry their weapon
      1. Range Qualified members may keep live ammunition on their person but MUST keep all weapons UNLOADED until instructed to “make ready” by SL’s, Cadre or Command.
    4. Fully Range Qualified FTL’s and above are the ONLY members authorized to carry their sidearm loaded (Israeli style) for force protection at all 2IR, CSM FIELD events.
      1. Israeli style is defined as follows and must be performed/completed in this order:
        1. Place Weapon on SAFE, Lock slide to rear, Remove magazine
        2. Verify weapon unloaded, Release slide, point weapon in safe direction, pull trigger
        3. Verify hammer is in Forward position (Not pre-cocked)
        4. Magazine is then Loaded into magazine well of Sidearm.
    5. Range Qualified FTL’s and above are the ONLY members authorized to carry loaded PBR magazines in their pouches with them on patrol & security duty for force protection.
      1. PBR will remain unloaded unless a threat to members or the unit is identified.
    6. All members, while in the Camp and NOT on security detail will ensure their PBR is unloaded & secured:
      1. On their person, in the squad areas, in designated weapon Racks in Camp, or in personal vehicles until ordered to “gear up” for training, patrol or security detail.
      2. Sidearm carry is authorized inside the Camp per the standards set above in items b and c, whichever applies.
    7. Weapons checks
      1. All FTL’s, SL’s & Senior Leadership will conduct weapons checks whenever any unit leaves or returns from any Training Lanes, Patrols, or Security details
    8. Any member who violates the standard set forth will be referred to the CoC for corrective action.
      1. Members continually referred for violations will lose the authorization to carry any weapons until the member completes retraining to ensure weapon standards are clearly understood.


In accordance with 2IR, CSM ByLaws para 9.0




Mickee Hernandez

1st BN, 2IR, CSM

Command Committee

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