Constitution, Militia, Citizen, 2nd Amendment
Constitution, Militia, Citizen, 2nd Amendment
2nd Infantry Regiment, California State Militia
2nd Infantry Regiment, California State Militia

Bravo Company Leadership




Areas of: Butte, Glenn, Tehama, Shasta, Modoc, Trinity, Siskiyou, Plumas, Lassen and  Humboldt, Del Norte, Mendicino

Our Command Officers

MAJ Darrel Pague

Regiment CO (Commander) (Major)

Major Pague is the Commander for the 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment.

He provides direction and advisement to all Commanders and 1SG's of each company and delegates tasks to his subordinate Officers


CO (Commander) (RANK)

He is the Commander of Bravo Company

With the assistance of other leaders, he develops and implements Training Ideas, SOP's, Promotions, and Security for his company with input from his leadership staff.


NAME along with other Commanders within the regiment is responsible for developing all aspects of administrative tasks for the Regiment. He also assists in the development and implementation of SOP's and Standards of Training for the Regiment while serving as an advisor to the Regiment Commander regarding formats for training, administration, and key topics.



XO (Executive Officer) (XO)

Is appointed by the Commander. The XO is the commander's advisor and works with command NCO's to develop core training, determine standards, provides support to other NCO's and the commander.

Our Command NCO's


1SG (First Sergeant) (Top)
Delegates tasks from the CO/XO to the Platoon Sergeant, oversee company training, assists in the development of training concepts and standards.



PSG (Platoon Sergeant)

PSG is responsible for implementing plans and orders handed down from command. The primary function of a platoon sergeant is to ensure proper training, and discipline of members of the platoon.


APSG (Assistant Platoon Sergeant)

Duties are to assist the PSG in all aspects of training and discipline within the Company.

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2nd Infantry Regiment

California State Militia


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