Constitution, Militia, Citizen, 2nd Amendment
Constitution, Militia, Citizen, 2nd Amendment
2nd Infantry Regiment, California State Militia
2nd Infantry Regiment, California State Militia

Are you a Political Action Group?

A political action group is organized to promote a group of individuals ideals.  While all of our members have ideals, they are not always the same.

ALL of our members are allowed to think and do what they see fit as private citizens. 


Our Militia as an organization takes no side politically. 

We do not express support for political candidates.

We promote the "Rule of Law", and train to protect those rights outlined in the constitution for our families, friends, and communities.


Our organization trains to meet the readiness requirements of "unorganized" Militia as defined by laws. Our military orientation allows us to maintain discipline, and perform community services professionally and safely.


Our members may participate in both. But, the militia prepares, trains, and equips as a response group in the fashion of Minutemen of Concord and Lexington for the defense of self and community.

We strive to be respected, and thought of, as a bona fide Militia unit.

Our organization has Written codes of conduct, Military style organizational structure, A distinctive uniform with identifiable unit patches and "logo's", A flexibly evolving training program, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).  All these items are for the purpose of the defining ideal: A "well-regulated" Militia as stated in the Second Amendment.



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2nd Infantry Regiment

California State Militia


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